Privacy statement

This is the privacy statement of employment agency SkyPeople B.V., hereinafter referred to as SkyPeople. We provide transparency about what information we collect about you, how it is used and with whom it is shared. We respect the privacy of visitors to our website, our (former) employees, applicants and our clients. We ensure that the personal information you provide to us is treated confidentially and we guarantee careful and discreet handling. We process personal data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, namely the Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG, General Data Protection Regulation).

Responsible for the processing of personal data

SkyPeople is responsible for the processing of personal data that falls within the scope of this privacy statement. If you visit our website, request information via our website and/or register with us, purchase a service or contact us by telephone, we will register your personal data. This privacy statement aims to inform you about this processing of your personal data.

Purposes of the processing of personal data

SkyPeople processes your personal data for various purposes. SkyPeople only processes the necessary personal data. The following purposes apply to the processing of personal data by SkyPeople:

  • to be able to contact you;
  • to send you information;
  • for entering into and executing agreements, including, but not limited to, employment contracts and engagement contracts;
  • for carrying out the administration.

Furthermore, we use your personal data for relationship management and activities to increase our database of candidates, employees, suppliers, customers, clients and other relations of and parties involved with SkyPeople and to inform you about our activities. We try to take your preferences into account.

Your personal data may also be processed for other legitimate purposes, including compliance with or investigation of (suspected) violation of laws and/or (internal) regulations. The legal grounds for processing your personal data for these purposes are:

Legal basis of the processing of personal data

According to the applicable privacy legislation, SkyPeople may only process personal data if the processing is based on legal bases. SkyPeople applies the following legal bases for the processing of personal data:

  • in the context of the conclusion and/or execution of an assignment agreement;
  • to comply with the law (including accounting treatment, tax obligations and obligations under court orders or other mandatory laws and regulations);
  • in connection with the legitimate interests of SkyPeople, whereby SkyPeople ensures that the impact on your privacy is as limited as possible. For example, personal data is processed in connection with:
  • Making models
  •  making studies, models and statistics;
  •  the exercise and defense of SkyPeople's rights, for example in disputes;
  •  taking care of and improving the website, whereby SkyPeople can determine your (click) behavior by visiting our website in order to be able to provide you with targeted information (profiling). The logic that SkyPeople uses is that your IP address is linked to your actions and based on that, your preferences are determined. We always ask for your explicit permission in advance (see below under Website and Cookies).

Website and Cookies

Visiting data is kept on the website, such as the pages most frequently requested by a visitor. The purpose of this is to optimize the layout of the website. This data can also be used to place relevant information on the pages you visit, for example special messages in your fields of interest or advertiser offers. In this way, our services to you can be further optimized.

In addition, we use cookies when offering services. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the hard disk of your computer when you visit the website. A cookie contains data so that you can be recognized as a visitor every time you visit the website. It is then possible to set up the website especially for you and/or to facilitate logging in.

You can disable cookies in your browser without this having far-reaching consequences for your use of the website. However, the result may be that certain parts are less or no longer accessible to you.

On the website you will find a number of links to other websites. Although these websites have been carefully selected, we cannot be responsible for the use of your data by those organizations. Please read the privacy statement, if any, of the website you are visiting.

Security of personal data

SkyPeople has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. SkyPeople has established an information security policy and has taken physical, organizational and electronic measures accordingly.

Exchange of personal data

Passing on and receiving personal data within SkyPeople

SkyPeople can exchange your (personal) data within the various departments within SkyPeople. SkyPeople ensures that European standards of data protection are applied to personal data within its departments and companies. SkyPeople cannot be held liable if it has to provide personal data to authorities, in accordance with applicable legal obligations.

Passing on and receiving data outside of SkyPeople

The purpose of the processing of your personal data may entail that we share personal data with other organizations. Insofar as you have not given explicit permission for this or if there is no legal obligation to do so, this exchange of data only takes place if this is necessary for the execution of the agreement between you and SkyPeople or if SkyPeople has a legitimate interest in this exchange, always taking your privacy interests into account.

No commercial use

SkyPeople will not sell, rent, distribute or otherwise make your personal data commercially available to third parties, unless otherwise stated in this privacy statement or if you have given prior permission for this.

Correctness of the personal data provided

By communicating your personal data, you guarantee that it is correct and complete. SkyPeople can temporarily or permanently deny you access to the websites or parts thereof when communicating false identities, incomplete or incorrect data.

Retention of personal data

SkyPeople does not store personal data longer than necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data is processed, and in any case for as long as specific regulations require.

Your privacy rights

You have the right to access your personal data, the right to request correction, limitation or deletion of your personal data and you can also request the transfer of your data. Finally, you can object to the use of your data.

If you have given permission for the processing of your data, you can withdraw this permission at any time. You can send your written requests or questions regarding privacy-related matters to:

SkyPeople B.V.
Duurzaamheidsring 320
4231 EX Meerkerk
Or by email:

You will receive an answer as soon as possible. You are also entitled to file a complaint about the use of your data with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy statement. Therefore, check the privacy statement regularly for an update of our privacy policy.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at