The best Height Specialist for your organization?

SkyPeople distinguishes itself from other Rope Access companies because we do not accept projects but strengthen your team. When large numbers of technicians are needed, it can sometimes be a challenge to find them for the set dates.

Even when a large permit is issued, it may sometimes be that additional Height Specialist technicians are required for a short or longer period. SkyPeople can offer the solution here by switching quickly and ensuring that you have the desired experts on location in time.

Our specialists

SkyPeople's Height Specialists have broad expertise and can be deployed in various fields. They are trained and experienced in working at height in one or more sectors. We provide driven and experienced technicians, cleaners, riggers, welders, inspectors, cutting torches, NDT, fitters, windturbine inspectors/repairers, bridge inspectors, supervisors, insulation technicians, and more.

Thanks to a good command of the English language, our specialists can be deployed worldwide. In addition, our teams are tailor-made. You can expect the best Height Specialists for the required job in each sector.

SkyPeople - Height specialists - rope access

Onshore & offshore

Assembly, maintenance, inspection, and repair are mainly the projects that are carried out at height. We are at your service for onshore divisions such as process and petrochemical industry and advertising and promotional materials. We also carry out activities for you for the maritime and offshore sector, such as coating, insulation and decommissioning.

SkyPeople - Height specialists - onshore & offshore

The advantages

Rope access is one of the safest ways to perform work in high and difficult to access locations. These locations can be reached more easily with Rope Access than with other means. It is also one of the safest ways to work at height. You save time and costs because work can usually be started the same way.

Work quickly, safely and efficiently with our Height Specialists. At SkyPeople you will find the Height Specialist that suits your field and activities.