Rope Access: applicable in many area's

SkyPeople offers the best rope access specialists and technicians for various area's, such as:

• Maritime and offshore projects
• Process and petrochemical industry
• Civil engineering
• Wind energy
• Tele- and data communication
• Advertising and promotion

These sectors have in common that regularly work has to be done in locations that are difficult to reach. Fortunately, when it comes to working at height, rope access is the safest way to carry out these difficult high access tasks.

When working with conventional methods, such as aerial work platforms or scaffolding, the risks are way higher. Thus, rope access offers the ideal solution. With the right climbing techniques, safety materials and ropes, we gain access to hard-to-reach places. This way of working at height also ensures little disruption to business processes for the environment and the start-up times of the projects are minimal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rope Access?

Rope Access is a method for working safely at height. Ropes, climbing techniques, safety materials, positioning techniques, equipment and tools are used to reach difficult-to-reach places. It may also happen that it is not possible or even unsafe to reach these hard-to-reach places using conventional methods such as scaffolding or aerial work platforms. Rope Access makes this possible. This applies to working at height as well as working in depth, such as work locations above water, in confined spaces, locations where there is a risk of falling or even in high buildings.

These techniques are used for various disciplines, such as cleaning, inspection maintenance or technical work.

Rope Access is characterised by its fast start-up and dismantling times, safety and low impact on the surroundings and the environment. Partly because of this, Rope Access is becoming more common and popular.

When is Rope Access the right solution?

In places where scaffolding, aerial work platforms or other conventional methods are not possible, safe or affordable, Rope Access is the solution.

With special rope techniques, we provide access to difficult to reach places. These include areas above the water or small and cramped spaces.

In what situations is Rope Access suitable?

Rope Access is suitable for almost all work at height. In many cases rope access is safer and more economical than erecting scaffolding or using an aerial work platform.

We are active in many sectors and carry out a wide range of work. Among others in the sectors Maritime & Offshore, Process & Petrochemical, Civil engineering, Wind energy, Telecommunications. We also carry out work at heights for churches, castles and other buildings.

What are the advantages of Rope Access?

Rope Access offers the following advantages:

  • Increased safety when working at height, our specialists are IRATA trained.
  • Simplified access and execution of work, efficient work.
  • Little or no inconvenience to the surroundings, continuity guaranteed.
What does 'IRATA certified' work involve?

IRATA stands for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. This is a quality label aimed at safe working at height by means of industrial rope techniques. It guarantees the quality and safety of working at height.

Within the IRATA certification there are three levels:

  • Level 1 | Certified Rope Access technician who is allowed to perform specific work under supervision of an IRATA L3.
  • Level 2 | Experienced Rope Access Technician with additional training for specialist tasks such as rigging and rescue.
  • Level 3 | Supervisor with final responsibility for the project and team.
In which way can SkyPeople help me with a Rope Access Specialist for my project?

Our team consists of various Rope Access Specialists, each with their own knowledge and specialisms. Therefore we like to think along with you which professional can best fulfil your needs. For more information please contact us, we are happy to help you!

We do not only look at the IRATA certificates and experience, but find the background and experience of our staff for the work at least as important. For example, our climbers are welders, painters, mechanics and other specialists.

Is Rope Access safer than working with scaffolding?

Rope Access, rope and climb techniques, may seem dangerous, but they are much safer and have much better safety statistics than any other means of working at height.

Although it can take days to erect the scaffolding required to complete a job, rigging for Rope Access only takes minutes to a few hours.


  • Oil and gas
  • Wind
  • Telecom
  • Maritime
  • Food
  • Energy
  • Waste processing
  • Petrochemicals
  • Construction, real estate and monuments
  • Infrastructure
  • Government
  • On- and offshore
  • Churches and castles


  • Tower and high-rise buildings
  • Bridges
  • Stadiums and theaters
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Silo and tank maintenance
  • Painting
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • (Non-destructive) inspections
  • Cabling and pipe installation
  • Electrical installations
  • Mount antenna systems
  • Building insulation

IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association)

Although working at high altitudes involves dangers, Rope Access is one of the safest methods for working at height. All SkyPeople Rope Access specialists are IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certified. This quality label is aimed at working safely at height by means of industrial rope techniques.

Each of our specialists has knowledge of general rigging principles, knots and rope handling, basic anchoring techniques, risks for ropes and protection against them, basic maneuvers to descend and rise in ropes, aid climbing, knot passing and descending colleagues.

  • Level 1: base education
  • Level 2: advanced education
  • Level 3: specialized education
Rope Access

Rope Access Specialists

Need height experts for a short or longer period? Work efficiently, safely and quickly with the professional Rope Access technicians from SkyPeople. With us you will find the professional that best suits your work. Down below, you can request a quote without any obligations.

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