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The first documented billboard rental occurred as early as 1867. With the growth of the motorway network, the billboard industry also flourished.

Now, almost 150 years later, this form of advertising is indispensable and there are even billboards that give off the smell of freshly grilled steak.

Advertising at height ensures maximum visibility, and although much has changed in the world of advertising and promotion with the technological developments of the past decades, billboards and the like still prove their effectiveness.

Rope access

Rope access is the ideal solution for mounting, maintaining, replacing or removing advertisements on particularly tall buildings or in football stadiums. Using Rope Access, cloths and logos can be placed anywhere without the use of aerial platforms or scaffolding. Assembly and repair with rope techniques ensures minimal disruption to traffic, pedestrians and other activities.

Safety is our top priority. The European rules are applied in all activities and all our specialists are IRATA certified. This is the largest international standard for Rope Access. Thorough training and strict guidelines ensure a good and safe result for every project we carry out.

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SkyPeople has the solution for applying advertisements of almost any size. We place various types of promotion and advertising, such as advertising cloths, facade stickers and facade signs. In addition to the assembly, we also take care of the maintenance, removal and replacement of, for example, illuminated signs or a logo. You can expect from us the best specialists who will safely and accurately perform the necessary advertising and promotional activities for you. Do you want to know which Rope Access specialist suits your project? Contact us and we will find the best expert for you.

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