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Churches and castles

The Netherlands offers a huge variety of monuments and places of interest. Churches and castles are an important part of our heritage and tell us a lot about the history of the surrounding and associated landscapes.

Many churches and castles present unique challenges for inspections, maintenance and installations. The often fragile and difficult-to-reach roofs require an expert and specialized approach.

SkyPeople offers specialists who based on Rope Access (rope and climbing technology) can inspect and repair. Rope Access is the most sustainable and inexpensive way of working at heights or in hard-to-reach places.

Our employees are IRATA and VCA certified and experienced in the specific craftsmanship of monumental roofs.

We know the market!

Repairs and maintenance can be carried out immediately by our specialists.

During the roof inspection, we check the watertightness of various components. Additionally we look at the state of maintenance and consult with our client on cleaning the various parts.

Aerial platforms, cherry pickers and scaffolding often entail high pricing and aren’t always usable. For vulnerable and complex monuments, Rope Access almost always offers a better solution.

In addition to the obvious practical drawbacks of traditional methods of working at height, Rope Access offers benefits in terms of fall protection (no additional protection necessary), potential damage to the object (no heavy equipment or scaffolding anchors in the building) and project start-up time (usually within the hour).


SkyPeople offers driven and experienced Rope Access specialists for castles and churches.
The ensure minimal impact on the environment and put safety first.

Would you like to know in what other areas our specialists can offer help? Have a read through our services page or contact us and find the right Rope Access specialist today.

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