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The utilization of our living environment is central to the civil sector. Civil engineering starts with an idea that first takes shape in the design process and then in the realization.

But civil engineering also ensures that its buildings and infrastructure remain in shape.

Rope access

SkyPeople can assist you in the field of civil construction and maintenance. In this sector it is not always possible to carry out work at height using traditional tools. Think of conversing uprights or washing glasses where it seems impossible.

In addition, work in the civil sector differs from other sectors because society must be taken into account. For example, citizens may experience nuisance from scaffolding and aerial work platforms, and these resources can lead to unsafe situations. Rope access, on the other hand, requires only very limited space, gives little to no inconvenience and is one of the safest methods. This makes Rope Access ideal for civil work. We are aware of the safety requirements that apply in the civil sector and we comply with them. SkyPeople therefore works exclusively with IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certified specialists.

Our specialists

SkyPeople supplies experienced Rope Access specialists who can be widely deployed in civil construction and civil maintenance. Because of the variety of projects within this sector, solution-oriented thinking and acting is necessary. Our specialists are trained and experienced in the civil industry and can act quickly. Would you like to know what else our specialists can do for the civil sector? Contact us and find the right Rope Access specialist.

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