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The food industry is perhaps the most important pillar of our growing society. The estimated world population in 2019 was 7.7 billion, to which approximately 83 million people are added every year! To feed all those mouths, streamlined, efficient and safe food production and processing is a must. Something to which SkyPeople happily contributes.

The food industry contains an enormous amount of factory installations. The High chimneys, pipe bridges, scaffolding, tanks and other structures require a safe, efficient and appropriate method for carrying out work at height.

The food market is a highly competitive market for most players; margins are low and every expense counts!
SkyPeople knows the industry like no other and understands the pragmatic approach of most organizations. We work in a goal-oriented and specific manner and provide advice on the most efficient and effective solution direction.

This enables us to unburden and support our customers, providing real added value. Where our competitors often work according to the “your wish is our command” principle, we offer innovative solutions for your issues and situations.

We know the market!

SkyPeople specializes in Rope Access. With the help of rope technology, we enable work at otherwise difficult or inaccessible locations.

Scaffolding and the use of cranes or aerial work platforms are no longer necessary. This means that, in addition to speed and safety, Rope Access is often also more cost-efficient than traditional work at height.

Specific certificates and training are required to be able to work in this often risky environment. SkyPeople has over a hundred specialists with extensive experience and all the necessary certificates to get started almost anywhere!


SkyPeople offers driven and experienced Rope Access specialists for work in the food industry. This includes silo and tank cleaning, inspections and the removal of rust and conversation of, for example, uprights. We ensure minimal impact on the environment and put safety first..

Would you like to know in what other areas our specialists can offer help? Have a read through our services page or contact us and find the right Rope Access specialist today.

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