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Maritime & Offshore

The maritime and offshore (M&O) sector keeps our world running. By exchanging the mainland for turbulent sea waters, they provide us with the energy that makes our daily life possible.

The primary focus of these sectors is on the exploration and extraction of natural resources below the sea surface: fossil fuels, such as oil and gas.

Nowadays the space above sea level is also used. With the construction of enormous wind farms at sea, the maritime and offshore sector create energy "out of thin air". See the "Wind Energy" page for more information about this sector.

Rope Access Offshore

M&O projects involve dangers and challenges that occur less or not on land. Onshore, aerial platforms and scaffolding are still often used. However, working with these conventional means is usually inconvenient, unsafe and often impossible with regard to offshore projects.

Rope access offers the solution for working at heights in the M&O sector. With the help of safety materials, ropes and the right climbing techniques, our specialists can deliver custom work in inaccessible places and constructions. Industrial climbing also saves time and costs because no scaffolding has to be placed. Therefore the job can often be started the first day.

Finally, Rope Access minimizes the risks associated with M&O work at height. We are familiar with the strict safety requirements in the offshore industry. SkyPeople therefore works exclusively with IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certified specialists who are trained and experienced in the maritime and offshore sector. Safety comes first, and with our thorough technical knowledge we only offer the best Rope Access experts. Our teams are tailor-made. This way you can expect the best specialists from us for the required activities. Work quickly, safely and efficiently with Rope Access from SkyPeople.



Do you need a specialist for work in height for the maritime or offshore sector? SkyPeople provides driven professionals who can be deployed in all areas. We offer certified professionals for maintenance on, among other things, ship cranes, hulls and ballast tanks. In addition, our specialists carry out inspection work, can be deployed as stand-by rescue teams and have experience in repair and renovation.

Do you want to know in which areas our specialists can help you even more in the maritime and offshore industry? Contact us and find the right Rope Access specialist for your field.

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