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Process and petrochemical

SkyPeople is available for projects in the process and petrochemical (P&P) sector. Structures, pipes, vessels and tanks in hard-to-reach places require good inspection, maintenance and repair. Precisely because these places are hardly ever entered, there is a risk that problems will be noticed less quickly.

In this industry Rope Access is an ideal means to carry out such activities. It is often possible to carry out Rope Access activities without shutting down production processes or temporarily closing a building.

Work can also be started quickly because the installation of scaffolding is unnecessary. Therefore this method is time- as well as cost-efficient.

Safety and quality

SkyPeople is familiar with the safety requirements in the P&P industry and is committed to ensuring the safety of our experts, stakeholders and the working environment. That is why SkyPeople exclusively works with specialists who are in possession of an IRATA certificate (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). Our teams operate according to a structured way of project preparation. In this way we ensure professionalism, efficiency and above all safety for every project.

In addition, our experts have process and petrochemical specific knowledge and experience.
Due to the combination of thorough technical knowledge and experience, certification and coordinated working method, you can expect the best specialists from us.


SkyPeople offers driven and experienced Rope Access specialists for projects in the process and petrochemical industry. This includes activities such as silo cleaning and factory cleaning, but also the derusting and conversing of, for example, uprights. We ensure minimal burden on the environment and put safety first.

Do you want to know further areas in the process and petrochemical sector our experts can help you with? Contact us and find the right Rope Access specialist.

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