The Rope Access specialist who strengthens your team

Our professionals have the right certificates, knowledge and experience in the field of Rope Access. Our specialists have followed IRATA training on different levels, but each specialist has at least reached level 1. Our clients are thus assured that every employee has completed the basic operations and principles with regard to various rope techniques.

SkyPeople’s team are technical, driven and enthusiastic. Every Rope Access specialist carries out activities in the field where his or her qualities lie.

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All our specialists work according to a step-by-step plan in order to create clarity and to prevent possible dangers. For each project, a risk inventory is first made, so that there are no surprises. We take care of the solutions in advance for all possible risks. The project is prepared and discussed in detail. We also put together a team. Evaluations are made after each project. What went well? And what could be better? This way we can learn from each other and continue to develop.

Rope access specialists


For Rope Access projects it is important that the specialists work well together. Teamwork for work with a society of professional rope access techniques is therefore extremely crucial.

Every job can be successfully completed by bringing together the years of experience of the specialists we work with.