Mateusz - Rope access technician - L1

Specialist: Sky52

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August 2019: Anticorossion Rope Access technician
  • Working on heights with Rope Access
  • Cleaning and painting roof construction parts
  • Keeping safety issues and rules
  • Daily reporting of completed tasks
May – July 2019: Bird protection system technician & team leader
  • Building bird protection system projecting and installing
  • Using Rope Access and crane to assemble elements
  • Handling of electric tools
  • Team management
November 2018 - March 2019: GSM and microwave transmission technician
  • Installation GSM, and microwave transimssion devices
  • Setting azimuths of antennas using special devices
  • Technical draws reading
  • Working on heights according the Irata system
  • Responsibility for the goods entrusted by the client
September - October 2018: Rope access construction worker
  • Working on heights
  • Installing the roof panels
  • Working with large crane
  • Handling of electric tools
October 2017: Rope access construction worker
  • Working on heights with Rope Access
  • Repairing defects in the facade of monumental building
  • Handling of electric tools
  • Inspection of the indicated parts of the facade
  • Reporting of defects found
September 2017: Rope access construction worker
  • Working in industry area
  • Installations of facade panels
  • Working with the crane and the mobile lift platforms
  • Cutting the panels using flex
April – July 2017: Industry Rope Access painter
  • Cleaning and painting the construction of building with Rope Access
  • Taking care of safety issues; works in dangerous zone of chemical industry
  • Implementation of the plan within the set time frame
  • Completed tasks reporting


  • IRATA level I
  • Industrial Alpinism
  • Sport Climbing instructor
  • First aid course
  • Driving License cat. B


  • Polish (native)
  • English
  • Spanish

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