Roger - Rope Access Technician - L2

Specialist: Sky74

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2020 - present: Rope acces technician;
  • sanitation of 500m depth well, closed in the mining industry of Súria, to allow the descent and ascent of the platform for future revisions and maintenance. Control and channeling of water leaks to prevent damage from degradation due to the direct influx of water in the well.
  • 50m hight chimney repair in IPL Sallent. Repair of cracks and reinforcements of the external upper part of the chimney.
  • Placement of lifelines, facade reform and painting in hospital of Sant Celoni.
2015 - 2017: Alpine skiing sports technician L2
  • Team and individual training
  • Initiation and improvement classes
2011 - 2015: Tree climber
  • Height Pruning (access by ropes)
  • Special trees, disassembled the trees, due to inability to perform direct felling, due to the presence of nearby obstacles, houses, power lines, street lamps...
2007 - 2011: horse farrier, arborist and construction work
  • Horse shoer, cure, dressage and maintenance of horses
  • All types of construction work. Complete interior renovations, facades ..
  • Felling and height pruning (access by ropes)


  • IRATA Level 1
  • Full GWO
  • CFFP medium degree in sports-physical activities in natural environment
  • Alpine ski instructor level 2
  • Secondary education graduated in - IES Pere Vives Vich PRL


  • Catalan | Fluent
  • Spanish | Fluent
  • English | Basic
  • French | Basic

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