Jerzy - Technician - L1

Specialist: Sky06

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1999-2020: Maritiem & Offshore


  • Certify IRATA, Level 1: Technician
  • Training in the area of climbing technicques and rules of safety of work at heights
  • Certify Assembly of and Working with a Suspension Bridge
  • Certificate of Training in Oil and Chemical Tanker Familiarization
  • Certificate of Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET)
  • Certificate of Helicopter Underwater Escape & Emergency Breathing System Training (HUET)
  • Basic Safety Training Certificate
  • Course of Rigger
  • Deck Hand Certificate
  • Certificate of Training in Liquified Gas Tanker Familiarization
  • Certificate of Training in Tanker Familiarization
  • Certificate of Scaffolding in Ballast Tanks
  • Certificate of Training in Asbestos Removal New Operative
  • Certificate of Training in Working with Notifiable/Non-notifiable Non-licensed ACMs (Level 2)
  • Certificate LOCTITE Composite Pipe Repair System (Henkel)
  • Certificate BW Offshore Academy: BW Offshore Induction – Projects
  • Certificate BW Offshore Academy: Permit To Work Introduction
  • Certificate BW Offshore Academy: Job Safety Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Certificate BW Offshore Academy: Introduction to COSHH
  • Certificate BW Offshore Academy: Marine Trash and Debris


  • Polish
  • English

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