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Wind Energy

Wind is a powerful source of energy on our planet. In fact, every one of us have seen it in action, propelling sailboats across open seas, turning the blades of a farm’s windmill to grind grain or pump water.

Modern wind turbines are basically sleeker, high tech versions of the windmills of the past. Instead of using the wind to do farm work, they’re designed to convert wind energy into electricity.


SkyPeople is specialized in inspection, maintenance and repair of wind turbines. With the help of Rope Access, our specialists perform both onshore and offshore wind energy activities. We inspect, maintain and repair rotor blades and ensure they remain in top condition. SkyPeople's Rope Access technicians offer you professionalism, quality and exceptional service. All our specialists are trained in and experienced at working at height. They also have the quality label IRATA. This ensures that our experts are able to work with specialist materials and techniques.

Rope Access - Windenergie specialists

Rope access

Inspection, cleaning, maintenance, assembly and repair of wind turbines is carried out safely and efficiently. We are not dependent on lifts or cranes to complete the job. This allows the specialists to start immediately after mapping out the safety procedures and attaching the ropes.

Do you to know how our specialists can help you in the field of wind energy? Do not hesitate to contact us. At SkyPeople, we provide the right people with the right skills. This is how we find the right Rope Access specialist for your project.

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